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Pricing Information

Tax preparation pricing can vary greatly from one individual or business to the next.  Everyone's situation is unique and so pricing is as well.  Complex tax situations, self-employment, investment properties, accounting needed, and many other items make each tax return price different.  Find out more About Tax Prep here.

Once you schedule a meeting I can provide a more accurate quote once I review your prior year information (if applicable), current year info, and etc.

Individual tax returns: Starting at $350
Corporate, partnership and other tax returns: Starting at $600

New business start-up meetings - $175 Get loaded with information on what is needed for tax and accounting in starting a new business, let me answer all your questions, and discuss how we can work together moving forward.

Potential Client If you want to just sit down and meet me or have a conversation to see if we will be a good fit, I will never charge for that! These meetings do not include providing any consulting or advice.

Accounting Services Like tax preparation, accounting varies from one business to the next.  Please contact me for more info on pricing for accounting services.

Page is under construction, please contact me for more detailed info.


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